Dismantling, transferring and installing of machine tools requires application of complex solutions and use of specific equipment. We can take care of the entire process from A to Z, so that you could focus on production only.

  • Installation of machine toolsnot only in Lithuania, but and abroad;
  • Dismantling of machine tools, production lines up to the transportable units
  • Preparation of machine tools for transportation– taking care of anticorrosive coating, packaging, safe fastening in the vehicle.
  • Installation of machine toolsby our means or attracting representatives of the manufacturer. We speak English, Russian, German and Polish languages; You would reduce installation costs!
  • During the installation we can precisely assess the state of the machine and advice on the repair in case of poor state of units revealed.
  • During the transfer of equipment, we can carry out major equipment cleaning.
  • Transfer of equipment is always performed by one electrician, one technician and at least one person with a truck driver’s license.
  • We could arrange and coordinate renting of a lifting equipment, crane, vehicles based on the preliminary agreed pricelist without causing any downtime risk related to the service providers.
  • We could perform construction works at your premises – production and installation of process track, installation of drainage, water and electricity supply systems, etc.
  • We have our own equipment for lifting and transporting of machine tools, special equipment for levelling and grading of machines. You would save on the rental of special-purpose equipment.
  • Reliable!We are insured with a professional civil liability insurance, so we are capable of managing potential risks safely.