Daily Maintenance

An external service is the ability to carry out equipment maintenance works in a timely manner, without increasing the number of employees. Qualified professionals when needed and only to the extent needed.

  1. Guaranteed, easy to trace machine maintenance history, which is stored at Client’s factory in printed or electronic form as previously agreed with the Client.
  2. Guaranteed accountability for completed works.
  3. Opportunity to reduce the number of failures (unplanned downtime’s) being ahead of any of them. Respond in time and minimize repair costs and downtime’s. Have properly functioning equipment when it is needed the most.
  4. Opportunity to use temporarily increased technicians’ capacity to reduce maintenance time (downtime) and allow the equipment to work as long as possible.
  5. Opportunity to eliminate indirect costs of performed preventive works – acquisition of tools and means (e.g., lubricants, oils, etc.), loss of time on material ordering, loss of time on planning-administrating services.
  6. Opportunity to reduce number of accidents due to the poor condition of the equipment. According to the Clients (manufacturers) about 80 % of accidents occurred are related to the poor condition of the equipment. Usually defective protective sensors are revealed when the right time passed. Also, operators are “rescuing” the work-piece when it is jammed inside the equipment due to technical reasons.
  7. Opportunity to increase operators’ satisfaction when they do not need to perform auxiliary (indirect) work. We do not follow stereotypes like: “That is OK for these rolls not to run, they never did before”. Because of stereotypes people usually miss or neglects problems limiting operation speed, quality or occupational safety.

Why it is important to ask for professional help:

  • In case of major failure of other important facility in the course of implementation of preventive measures such measures are postponed and the priority is given to the repair works instead.
  • It is deemed that only repairs of already defective equipment are valuable.
  • Generally, company technicians do not like execution of preventive works because such works could not reveal their competence, do not ensure self-actualization, and it is difficult to prove the direct value of such works.
  • It is usually hard to combine properly executed repairs and accurate documents hereof within the industrial sector. Generally, technicians avoid execution of so-called “paper work”, however this is the key mean to ensure trace ability of such works.
  • Only few managers are ready to pay required attention to training in the sphere of efficient maintenance and pay it directly to the work efficiency instead.
  • The motivational system is rarely targeted at the efficient maintenance of the equipment. Generally operators conceal failures in order to achieve the required production criteria.

What do we offer?

  1. Assessment of the state of your equipment.
  2. Throughout analysis of already performed preventive works.
  3. Examination of all recommendations of your equipment manufacturers for preventive maintenance.
  4. Development of maintenance plan and selection of all the means required in this regard.
  5. Taking care of all means (oils and lubricants, filters, sliders, belts, etc.) based on the preliminary agreed price-list.
  6. Taking care of continuous operation of your equipment. Provision of information about planned repair works in advance, agreement of a schedule of preventive works (stoppages).


We respond to faults all across Lithuania.

We have experience in repairing a wide range of machines - in the paper, wood, furniture, metal, food and other industries.

We have regular partners - metalworkes, parts and service providers in several cities, so in case of maintenance we solve problems much faster.

We have a diverse range of staff, so upon arrival we can deal with electrical - automation and mechanical problems (often related).

We give priority to contractual partners.

Reliable! We have civil liability insurance, so we manage all risks safely.